Mobile Optimised Websites

In 2015 more people will search online using a mobile device than those using traditional computers. Mobile optimised websites give users a much better experience when searching online using mobile devices.

Your business now has to look stunning on a computer & a mobile. Then it has to be found when people are looking for the product or service you offer.

Mobile Optimised Websites from Be Local Online

Mobile Optimised Websites

Mobile Optimised Websites

Mobile optimised websites makes sure business websites look and work just as well on mobile devices as they do on traditional computers. Often the mobile version of the website will look different and might even have slightly different content.

Mobile optimised websites & why businesses need them.

Mobile optimised websites are a necessity for local businesses interested in growing in 2015. It’s clear to us businesses with mobile optimised websites will convert more customers than those who haven’t invested in one. Nearly 50% of businesses in the uk still don’t have mobile optimised websites. This means there’s still a big opportunity to get ahead of the competition

Mobile optimised websites Vs non mobile optimised websites

There were more mobile internet users than desktop internet users for the first time in 2014.

Mobile Optmised Websites Vs Desktop Sites. number of website users by device

number of website users by device

Mobile Vs Desktop search engine search results

In 2015 mobile local searches will surpass desktop local searches for the first time. By 2016 mobile search will exceed desktop by over 27 billion globally.

Mobile Optimised Websites Vs Desktop Websites. Mobile Search Results Predictions

Mobile Search Results Predictions for 2016

Mobile Vs Desktop click through rate
When a business advertises online it usually monitors the click through rate (CTR), which tells them how many times their advert has been clicked. Let have a look at the click through rate on mobile phones, tablets & desktop computers and see where most clicks are generated.

Mobile Optimised Websites Vs Desktop Websites Click Through Rate By Device

Click Through Rate By Device

Mobile Vs Desktop cost per click
So lets have a look at how much is is to advertise on mobile devices compared with desktop devices. What’s also important is to look at how people react to adverts on each device, so we’ll also look at the click through rates (CTR’s) for both mobile & desktop devices.

Mobile Optimised Websites Vs Desktop Websites CPC & CTR

Mobile Optimised Websites Vs Desktop Websites CPC & CTR

Mobile Optimised Websites Summarised

So looking at the information available its clear that there are more mobile internet users than traditional desktop users. Also in 2015 for the first time more people will use a mobile device to search online than on a traditional computer. It’s cheeper to advertise on mobile devices, and mobile devices generate a better response. This means businesses with mobile optimised websites can advertise to more people, and get a better reaction for less money.

If you want to contact Be Local Online to discuss our mobile optimised websites feel free to call, email or send us a message via our Facebook, or twitter pages. Alternatively read though the FAQ’s about mobile optimised websites below, simply click on the question to reveal the answers.

Mobile Optimised Websites… the FAQ’s

Mobile optimised websites, what are they?

Let’s get the definition out of the way: Mobile optimised websites are websites designed specifically to cater for mobile devices, as well as desktop computers & laptops. This means the mobile website will usually look slightly different in layout and have content variations.

For example a 2 or 3 column website with rich visual images and expansive menus can be scaled down, to a simple 1-column scrolling site with icon based navigation and smaller or greatly reduced imagery. Mobile optimised websites will go from a giant desktop monitor to a mobile device, seamlessly reshuffling content to suit all devices.

How do Mobile optimised websites work?

Mobile Optimised Websites know what device that is being used to view them. They then adjust the content & layout accordingly. High resolution images can be removed or replaced with low resolution images, huge articles can be refined or edited, all of which improves the load time, visual appeal and overall experience the user receives from your website. You have to assume mobiles users will not be connected to wifi therefore reducing the overall size of your website will have massive impact on page load time. In some cases we have reduced page load time from over 15 second to under 2 seconds.

Do you need to download anything to view mobile optimised websites?
No you don’t have to download any files or programs to view mobile optimised websites on a mobile device.

How do I access mobile optimised websites?

Simply type the url of the website you wish to visit into your mobile device and mobile optimised websites will automatically be displayed. No need to download any files or install any apps.

On mobile optimised websites can you still see the desktop version if you want?

Yes, on the bottom of most mobile optimised websites there is a link to click on that takes you to the desktop version. This means that even when viewing from a mobile phone or tablet device you can still access the desktop version if your customers wish.

Do mobile optimised websites recognise when my customers are using a mobile device?

Yes, all the websites we produce automatically know what device is being used and optimises the website specifically for that particular device.

How do I know when I have accessed non mobile optimised websites?

If a website looks exactly the same on a desktop device as it does on a mobile device you’re probably not accessing a mobile optimised website. If you have to zoom in to see the text properly and have to wait a long time for the page to load this could also be a good indication that your not using a mobile optimised website.

Can people purchase goods from mobile optimised websites?

Yes, being able to purchase things online requires an e-commerce website, and you can get e-commerce mobile optimised websites.

Do video’s work on mobile optimised websites?

This can depend on the mobile device in question and the type of video that needs to be displayed on your website. Android systems will display all video, but at this current time Apple does not support Adobe Flash. However when faced with this issue we upload & stream your video’s through Youtube then embed them straight into your site. This means people can see your videos on Apple Devices without having Adobe Flash, and they don’t have to leave your website when viewing the video. So yes our mobile optimised websites can play video.

Can you visit mobile optimised websites worldwide.

Yes all you beed to access mobile optimised websites is a mobile device capable of accessing the internet

Can mobile optimised websites link to non mobile optimised websites?

Yes, with mobile optimised websites you can link to any website you want to link to. However, assuming that you want your link to be useful for the user, you should consider how mobile & user friendly a website is before lining to it. If somebody clicks on a link from your website and it goes to a website that is poor to navigate & hard to see without zooming in then it might impact your reputation. Always provide quality links that the user will find useful.

How much do mobile optimised websites cost?

All website design projects are different, but to give you an indication our mobile optimised websites start at £200 for a 2 – 3 page website & go up to £1000+ for a 10+ page e-commerce website. Our hosting ranges from £20-£50 per month depending on individual requirements. See our Prices page for more information on costs for our mobile optimised websites or book a free consultation with a member of our team.

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